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Fast casual pizza is revolutionizing the $38 billion a year pizza industry. And yes, you read that right, billion with a "B"! Don't get left behind. Here's your chance to join the revolution!

Why Rapid Fired Pizza?

Rapid Fired Pizza® was designed from the ground up to be a franchise. Our operations are designed around simple procedures that make it easy to produce Amazingly Good, Amazingly Fast™ pizza every time.

Having been franchisees ourselves, we're not only focused on having an amazing product, but on providing you with an amazing opportunity focused on strong unit economics and ROI. While we love pizza, we love helping people succeed more!

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Meet the team behind RFP

Rapid Fired Pizza® was founded by a team with over 100 years of combined franchising experience. Our lead co-founder is Ray Wiley, who is also a co-founder of the 70 unit Hot Head Burritos brand. 

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low start up costs

We expect most inline stores to open for between $340,000 and $450,000.*

streamlined operations

We provide clear and simple procedures making it easy to train employees to produce an amazing pizza every time.

strong unit economics

We understand the importance of controlling costs, maximizing profitability and producing a return on your investment.

As a Franchisor, co-founder of the successful brand Hot Head Burritos® and as a Franchisee of the largest sandwich chain in the world for 26 years, I have it ingrained in my mind what Franchisees need to succeed.

- Ray Wiley Co-Founder RFP

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Restaurant Franchise

We are currently offering restaurant franchises in most states.*

Area Developer Franchise

We understand the power and effectiveness of the Area Developer (AD) franchise model. We are currently seeking qualified persons to be AD's. We have opportunities in more than thirty states.*

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You've got questions. We've got answers.

Why Rapid Fired Pizza®?

Rapid Fired Pizza®  has an Amazingly Good, Amazingly Fast™ product, simplified operations and a low cost of entry. We utilize systems and equipment that enable the employees to produce an amazing product every time. Our pizzas are available on thin, pan or gluten free crusts with a choice of eight sauces, eight cheeses, eight meats, twenty veggies and twelve dipping sauces. We also offer craft and custom salads for those who are counting calories or watching their carbs. Where available, we encourage bottled beer and single serve wine.

The Founders

Rapid Fired Pizza® was founded by a team that has over 100 combined years of experience in franchising. The lead co-founder is Ray Wiley, who is a co-founder of the 70 unit Hot Head Burritos® brand. Ray is also a 26 year franchisee of Subway. Co-founders Matt Curtis, Tim Tefs and Jim Savakinas are veterans in the restaurant industry and bring with them a combined 80+ years of experience. Co-founder Kelly Gray brings with her over 15 years experience in commercial real estate leasing, investment and site selection. Peter Wiley has extensive experience in brand development, marketing, multimedia production and social media.

The Concept

Rapid Fired Pizza® was started by experienced restauranteurs with a focus on streamlined operations, clear training systems for employees, and a very strong focus on unit economics. With in-house demographic analysis, customer information gathering, graphic design, marketing, architectural design, and real estate leasing, we are well positioned to support our franchisees. With extensive knowledge of all aspects of the restaurant industry and its customers, RFP is a recipe for success.

The Investment

The expected cost of opening a store is between $230,000 and $560,000, depending on the location. We expect most in-line stores to open for an investment between $340,000 and $400,000. Please see our FDD for complete details.

The Opportunity

We understand the power and effectiveness of franchising and the area developer (AD) model. We are now offering single unit Franchises and Area Developer opportunities to qualified persons.


What does it cost to open a store?

A typical store (2000 – 2800 sq ft) located in a strip center with reasonable tenant improvement monies from the Landlord will cost between $300k -$450k*, possibly more. Total cost of opening a store can vary widely depending on the condition and location of the space. If the space was a previous restaurant with ADA bathrooms and other amenities, the cost could be reduced substantially. Depending on how the lease is negotiated, the Landlord may provide tenant improvement (TI) monies that could be as much as $25 per square foot. If the location is a free standing building, cost could increase significantly. If you plan to buy the land and building, the cost can rise to, or exceed, one million dollars. There will also be additional cost such as, and not limited to, training, training salaries, travel, advertising, legal fees, accounting fees and business establishment cost. *See our current FDD for a detailed list of expected opening cost.

What other expenses can be expected?

Initial Franchise Fee: $25,000 included in the estimated opening costs above. Additional Franchise Fee: $15,000 when you purchase your 2nd, 3rd or 4th Franchise. Royalties: 6% of net sales paid weekly by ACH. Advertising: 3% of net sales paid weekly by ACH.

Are there restricted areas?

Not generally. We do however reserve the right to sell a determined geographical area to a franchisee or restrict development to certain franchisees within an area. Generally speaking we work with Franchisees in an area and determine the development abilities of franchises combined with the development plans for an area.

Is there a protected territory?

Yes. As long as your store is located outside of an urban or downtown area, ballpark, regional mall, airport, or other “captive market”, you will receive a protected territory with a 2 mile radius. Prior to purchasing your franchise, we will specify in your franchise agreement whether your location is in an urban or downtown area. Please see our current FDD for complete details.

Can I buy a territory?

It is not our standard practice to sell large areas to franchisees for personal store development, however we are open to discussing it. We do offer Area Developer Franchises for experienced persons interested in managing a determined geographical area.

How much money does a store make?

The FTC limits us from making sales or profit predictions at this time. We will be releasing sales and profit information in the coming months.

What is an Area Developer?

What is an Area Developer (AD)? An AD is a person or entity contracted with us to develop and manage a determined area. The AD acts as an extension of us. The AD assists in soliciting and recruiting franchisees, along with finding locations and assisting franchisees in the opening of their store(s). An AD may be entitled to share in the royalties of stores in the AD area.

Can I be an Area Developer?

To be an Area Developer, we generally look for persons with extensive experience in restaurant development, lease negotiations and franchise development. Generally an AD will need to have a significant net worth and the ability to develop or build up to 5 stores per year. If you think you possess the abilities to fill this role, feel free to contact Ray Wiley at Ray@RapidFiredPizza.com


What states are Franchises available in?

The following is a list of states RFP is permitted to sell Franchises in and is actively looking to grow.



New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina

South Carolina
West Virginia

What is my first step?

Your first step is to determine if you have the funds to build a store. We do not offer financing. If financing is needed, you will would need to secure that before buying a franchise. We recommend local banks, credit unions and the Small Business Administration for financing.

What are the other steps?

  1. Schedule a call to discuss the cities or areas you would like to develop.
  2. Acquire funding as discussed above.
  3. Schedule a visit to meet our team and check out a store.
  4. Fill out a franchise application so we can determine if you are a good fit for our team.     
  5. Buy a franchise.    
  6. Find a location. Our Real Estate team will work with you and evaluate the demographics of sites for you. We will evaluate other factors to help increase your chances of choosing a successful location. We may also have some pre-approved sites.
  7. Negotiating a lease. We highly recommend you use a qualified Real Estate attorney to represent you in lease negotiations. We will not negotiate your lease, though we do have a lease rider that can be helpful in addressing some basic concerns in a lease.
  8. We will produce a set of floor plans, which includes design and decor drawings for your specific location. Your architect can then work from these drawings towards a permit ready set of architectural plans.
  9. You will then hire a contractor to build your store. We will assist you in this.
  10. We will coordinate your equipment and smallwares orders.
  11. You and/or your operating manager will attend training.
  12. We will walk you through the store development process by utilizing a new store opening checklist.
  13. We will help you coordinate pre-opening advertising.
  14. We will be there for your pre-opening and initial opening to help insure you get started off right.
  15. Once you’re open, we will provide you with ongoing support.

How long will it take to open a store?

This is a difficult question to answer because all stores are different. Below is a general timeline of events leading up to store opening. Four to six months is a great rule of thumb from the time you sign a lease until you open, however sometimes it takes longer.

  • 16 Days: The amount of wait time between receiving an FDD and being able to purchase a franchise.
  • 1 Week to 1 Year: Finding a location can happen in a week, or sometimes it can take a year or more.
  • 2 Weeks to 1 Year: Negotiating a lease can take a couple weeks to a year, depending upon landlord and negotiations.    
  • 2 to 4 Weeks: Floor plans can take up to 2 weeks for a Phase 1 floor plan and then up to 2 weeks for a Phase 2 set. It can then take an additional 1-4 weeks for your architect to complete “permit ready architectural drawings”.
  • 4 to 8 Weeks: Building permits in some cities are produced in as little as a week, other cities can take 2 months or more.
  • 6 to 8 Weeks: If your contractor is really good and there are no delays, a store can be built in as little as 4 weeks, however, 6-8 weeks is more realistic. Unforeseen construction issues could add considerable time to build out.
  • 1 to 2 Weeks: Expect to have in-store training last about a week after construction is completed prior to opening your location.
  • 1 to 2 Days: Employee “live training” via a Friends and Family night or VIP event.
  • Open the doors!


*This website and the franchise sales information found on this website do not represent an offer to sell a Franchise. The offer of a Franchise can only be made through the delivery of a Franchise disclosure document. Certain states require that we register the Franchise Disclosure Document in those states. Moreover, we will not offer or sell Franchises in those states until we have registered the Franchise (or exemption from registration) and delivered the Franchise Disclosure Document to the prospective Franchisee that complies with applicable law.